Welcome to our first edition of OnSite Insider. This will be an ongoing series of newsletters to anyone who participates in the UHM OnSite campaigns. The purpose is to provide additional information about making the most of your campaigns, what we are seeing in terms of market trending, and to share successes of individuals, like yourself, who are getting wins with OnSite.

We will work to make these brief, enjoyable, informative and helpful to your efforts. Of course, we’d love to hear your suggestions, feedback, questions and requests for ideas you might have.

The Most Active Search Term Is…
Since the main goal of your OnSite campaign is to identify and connect you to those in your territory most actively searching for mortgage related terms, it’s important that we know what terms are most actively being typed in.

Each month, approximately 110,000 people type in the search word “mortgage” and without OnSite, they are completely anonymous searches. When this term is typed in by someone, the UHM brand does not appear anywhere near the first results page, in fact your brand is way down the list. But don’t worry….

This is why we prioritized one of the highest searched terms related to your business into our ranking for you. Anyone in your territory that uses that search term is identified and added to your list of weekly leads (up to your package quantity). And we don’t stop there, we have researched and setup over 50 key terms like this so you can be sure that we are connecting your personal ads with the most active and interested prospects in your area.

Leverage Your Channels
Studies have proven that people respond to multi-channel touches much more often that just one. With OnSite, your name and message is being delivered across digital ads and direct mail. With the third option of emailing them through the addresses we provide, you have even more chances of getting their interest and a response.

We’ve provide sample copy for you below for reaching out through your own email. We will provide additional examples in future newsletters and please feel free to share with your team members and emails you send that are proving successful.

The more we share and learn, the better we can collectively make OnSite work for each of you!

Until next time, good luck and happy selling!

Suggested email copy:

Today’s Low Rates may Not Be Around Tomorrow

Dear <   >,

If you’re considering buying a new home or refinancing your current home, now is the time before rates rise again.

With Union Home Mortgage,  we will help you every step of the way to make the financing portion of your home buying experience as simple and easy as possible.

Give us a call today to discuss the programs we offer!