Introducing OnSite by DDK

customers will give you a ring!

With OnSite by DDK Marketing we connect you with high-value clients when they are ready to buy. By combining technology with targeted direct mail our process is a win win!

OnSite by DDK Marketing

Connects you to active qualified shoppers in your area that are ready to buy!

OnSite is a patented tool that connects high-value clients to your business in several ways that traditional marketing programs cannot.

How it WOrks

Every prospect who has a smart phone creates a digital signal. OnSite captures that signal in several ways.

Website Search

Keyword Search

Store Visit

Competitive Store Visit

This data is collected and OnSite will identify the individual associated with that digital signal providing a name, address, city, state, zip and even their email.

This data is collected and OnSite will identify the individual associated with that digital signal providing a name, address, city, state, zip and even their email.

By reaching people when they are ready to buy, your conversion is greatly improved and by knowing what they are searching for our targeting makes getting these high-value customers within reach.

OnSite by DDK Marketing can save you money because you will not be wasting your time with mass mailings or costly search engine optimization. You will be getting high-value customers, when they are searching for your product in your geographic location.
Best of all OnSite by DDK Marketing will be customized specifically for you, our team of experts will help you create an individual program that has you in mind. Let our specialists help you take the guesswork out of marketing your business.

Why DDK Marketing?

For over a decade we have designed a program that delivers results for Jewelers. Whether you are a single store or part of a national chain, we will help you connect with the high-value buyers you desire.

It doesn’t matter how big you are or how crowded the market is, we have highly targeted flexible programs for you!

At the core of any successful marketing campaign is data and no one is better at mining data than the team at DDK Marketing!

  • With millions of jewelry customers modeled, we have the expertise to integrate your customer data with our proven models to identify your most likely new customers.
  • Based on your unique requirements, our team uses geographic, demographic and lifestyle indicators to build highly targeted lists for your campaigns.
  • By combining this predictive analysis of current customers with our OnSite solution, we can ensure that you are reaching even your most undiscovered, intent driven future customers.
  • Best of all, our product is created with you in mind. DDK Onsite is designed to integrate with sales events, reward VIP customers, and can help you focus in on you most likely and loyal clients.
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Case Studies

Real-World results that deliver value and successful outcomes!

Major Family-Owned Jeweler

Leveraging clearer insight into customer data for strategic planning

One of the largest successful family-owned jewelers in the country was looking for help in learning to leverage their historical customer data to be target select customers for each specific sales event throughout the year.

International Jewelry Retailer

Years of centralized campaign management proves consistent power of direct mail

With over 6 years of consistent, proven proactive return on investment, our direct mail campaigns and strategy continue to help this jewelry manufacturer/retailer continue to be one of the largest in the world.

Retail Jeweler

Reengaging the right customers with the right campaigns

Find out how we help a major jewelry retailer maximize their direct mail spend by aligning their customers to their most likely purchase events using customer historical modeling, data analysis and marketing strategy.

We are here to support you!

Our customer service team is available to help plan, build and manage every aspect of your campaign, and our online portal tool can be customer designed and branded to fit your day-to-day campaign workflow challenges.

With our team in place, you can focus on your business, by taking care of those new customers that are walking through the door.

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