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For Jewelry Retailers

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DDK OnSite connects you with your most active and interested prospects – effortlessly

Your best prospective customers are the ones who visit your store, your website, or your competitor’s stores and leave without making a purchase.

Now there’s a way to accurately and safely identify those potential customers and automatically reach them with a personalized offer.

Our unique technology, called ddk OnSite identifies potential customers that are actively browsing your website or visiting your store.

Our solution automatically delivers a targeted direct mail offer to homes. We can even add a digital display ad, optimized for mobile, tablet or desktop viewing, which re-targets the potential customer and supports the direct mail campaign.

How does it work?

  • We start by placing a data pixel on your website to track browsing activity. We can also track your in-store visitors, which will result in more qualified prospects. We then analyze the results and provide you with counts and a campaign strategy, all at no cost.
  • The next step is to design a mailer that supports your brand and promotes your business. We can do this for you, or you can send us your existing artwork. Either way you will end up with a customized mailer specific to your needs.
  • We then work with you to determine a mail plan and quantities. We can suggest daily, weekly, or biweekly mail. Whatever works best for your sales channel can be executed. At this point you may also be interested in enhancing the campaign with a digital ad. We will develop a deployment strategy so that display ads are hitting devices at the same time the mail is delivering in homes. This provides an integrated campaign and increased results.
  • We then start mailing! All of this is managed for you in our web-based online portal called Drive-Thru. You can place orders, change mail quantities, approve artwork, and track your results – all in one place.

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    You set your frequency and budget with this no-minimums, automated direct mail program. Once your pixel is in place and your artwork is created, you set your budget and your campaign schedule, and we do the rest. You only pay for the contacts we reach for you.

    Included in every program: personal account manager, online portal, modeling and analysis.

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