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Abandoned Cart Recovery: How can we help you?

“I can see people have spent time on my key website pages, but they haven’t bought. How can I reach them if I don’t know who they are?”

You work hard to get people to visit your website or e-commerce store. But you still see countless numbers of visitors who aren’t converting. You’d love to re-market to them… if only you knew how to reach them.

We can help. Our pixel-based, privacy-law-compliant solution sends customized direct mail from your business to these anonymous e-commerce site visitors and can show them digital marketing to bring them back. You can offer coupons, send them to specialized landing pages, or use a host of other marketing tactics to convert these already interested prospects. Looking for an abandoned cart recovery solution? Need a way to find those people who didn’t complete your inquiry form? We’ve got you covered.

How does it work?

  1. You add a pixel that we create for you to your website.
  2. You provide us postcard creative (or we can help) and set your program preferences.
  3. We send postcards out to the once-anonymous site visitors we identify.

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    You set your frequency and budget with this no-minimums, automated direct mail program. Once your pixel is in place and your artwork is created, you set your budget and your campaign schedule, and we do the rest. You only pay for the contacts we reach for you.

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