Why Do You Need OnSite?

To put it simply, there is no other available technology that can match online browsing back to an individual person and put you in touch with them.

OnSite provides you with all the information you need to deliver your special message and offer to new prospects via direct mail, email and even FaceBook ads.

Would you rather pay for a click or a contact?

How Does OnSite Work?

  1. Identify Online Shoppers Based On Their Keywords

    Through search engine research tools, we have identified the top jewelry key words and phrases that consumers across the US type in each day. From that list, we created five key categories for segmentation: engagement, weddings, watches, diamonds and general.

  1. Pick Only The Best

    Not only are we weeding out fraud and bot traffic, we also focus exclusively on the most viable and qualified prospects. This ensures your money is only spent where it can be most effective.

  1. Validate Who They Are

    Every name we connect you with has been verified to be real and accurate with an average of +98% overall accuracy of information, including their first and last name, mailing address, and email address.

There are over 3.5 million online searches each month for across the US for our chosen jewelry keywords.


OnSite is priced on a simple ”per contact” fee. There are no setup, analysis, or subscription fees.

We have seen industries gain the most from OnSite through consistent utilization over a period of 12 months. While we recommend this timeframe, you are billed in weekly increments.

You have four options for your campaign, which can be changed each week or as often as desired. If you have multiple locations, you can select different output options for each location is desired.

Pricing options:



Price per Contact


One 6.00”x 9.00” personalized postcard



A duplicate, follow up postcard after two weeks

+ $1.09

Postcard + 10 digital ads

One 6.00”x 9.00” personalized postcard
+ 10 static digital ads


Postcard + 20 digital ads

One 6.00”x 9.00” personalized postcard
+ 20 static digital ads


Remail + 10 digital ads

A duplicate, follow up postcard
+ 10 additional digital static ads

+ $1.49

Remail + 20 digital ads

A duplicate, follow up postcard
+ 20 additional digital static ads

+ $1.89

Getting Started

We’ve designed OnSite to run each week completely hands off. Once you do the initial setup (we’ll step you through it all), then you can relax and watch your new leads come in while you focus on your business.

Your first step is to sign up here:  https://orders.drivethru.ddkmarketing.com/

Proven Success

The OnSite technology is being offered to the jewelry industry for the first time here, however, it has been proven to be successful for years in other markets. Major national brands have realized increased business and a strong return on their marketing dollars with this process. Below are highlights of typical results we are seeing year after year.

Alberts Jewelers Case Study

The weekly campaign started during a traditionally slow time of the calendar year and is showing a 9x ROI with an average sale per mailer of $24.92.

National Home Goods Retailer

A leading home goods retailer was looking for a new way to drive higher sales from website visitors who browsed for products but didn’t make a purchase.

Through digital identification of prospects, and a personalized direct mail follow up, they realize a consistent close rate of 5.3% for prospects and 11% for customers, making this their most effective ongoing marketing campaign.

Furniture Retailer

A national retailer of home furnishings, with over $3B in annual revenue, wanted to capitalize on its web traffic and boost its sales.

Through digital identification of previously anonymous shoppers, and an offer delivered via postcard, they realized a conversion of .9%,  and a 1,100% return on ad spend.

Automotive Brand

A global auto brand was looking to increase new vehicle sales with an A/B test of current marketing (control) to digital identification of anonymous prospective shoppers.

The digital identification solution resulted in a 71.6% increase in conversion rate and a $3,140 higher average per sale vs. the control group.

Telecommunication Provider

A major technology company was looking to increase conversion rates across 30 states via customized offers to anonymous targeted audiences.

Through digital identification of prospects, they realized a 1.3% campaign conversion rate of new customers and a 1.6% service upgrade with current customers.

What We Promise You

Effort Free

Your time is valuable. OnSite will do the work for you. Once your campaign is setup and started, we will identify and verify every lead, post them for you to access, then produce and mail for you each week. Simple and effective.

Experience Driven

Over the past 10 years, we’ve analyzed over 26 million jewelry purchases – we understand the market and how to leverage this knowledge to maximize your results.

Continuous Improvement

We are data lovers. As we continue to gather new information from the OnSite campaigns, we will continue to leverage that intelligence to bring additional focus and better results.

Quality Output

You only pay for real contacts and never are charged for anything less than a 98% accurate identification.

What We Need You To Promise Us

Commitment to Campaign Execution

We’ll find you qualified active prospects. The message and offer you deliver to them can make all the difference between success and failure. Thoughtful creative, call-to-action and category segmentation are the key to a winning campaign.

Lead Management

Your leads will be posted each week. This are active prospects who demonstrated intent through their keystrokes. It is important that you integrate these into whatever ongoing campaigns in place.


We are in this together, so your ideas, questions and successes are valuable to us. The more we learn together, the better we can leverage collective learning and deliver stronger results.


If you’re looking for a quick fix, OnSite is not your answer. Nurturing new prospects into lifetime clients takes time and consistent effort. We have seen remarkable results from an average of 12 months of campaigning.

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