The Challenge

A global original equipment manufacturer of small engines was looking to easily promote a series of Open House events across a network of national distributors and dealers. Various banners, signs, sell sheets and other collateral materials would be available for customization to each dealership. Enrollment dates were selectable by each dealership.

The Solution

By adapting our proven online order management portal (drive-thru) to the specific needs of our client, we were able to quickly buildout the specific requirements for this program offering. Qualifying dealerships and their contact information was preloaded into drive-thru prior to the campaign rollout. Once notified, they were provided with sign-on credentials and were able to get started immediately. Live account managers were available to answer any questions and provide support.

The Results

The entire program was able to be successfully rolled out in minimal time without a hitch. Dealerships were able to easily sign-up for their open house and manage all aspects with drive-thru in a simple, low-cost manner. The manufacturer was able to maintain strict brand standards and minimize inventory management through the centralized control of drive-thru.



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