The Challenge

A national in-home senior care franchise was challenged with supporting their many local franchise locations to efficiently identify new prospective clients. In addition to multiple locations operating independently, the ideal target prospect
presented a challenge because they are commonly the adult children of their parent. Because of this, traditional direct marketing identification practices, such as profiling, are ineffective in identifying the interested prospects. Visitors to the local client’s websites proved to be the ideal target audience to reach.

The Solution

The challenge of identifying these site visitors was solved by utilizing our patented cookie-free identification tool (OnSite). With OnSite, each website visitor is translated into a personal name and household address. We then apply a series of filters to ensure we are only mailing to the best prospects. Next, they are automatically mailed a pre-selected offer from the closest servicing location. All of this is accomplished by each participating location on a daily basis though our online portal system (drive-thru) with no effort on their part. With drive-thru, each location can select from a list of participation options including mailer designs, daily quantity to mail and territory selections.

The Results

Initial results are showing for every $1,000 spent, the client is realizing $10,000 in sales revenue across all participating locations. It is important to note that these new customers were previously undiscovered and represent a group of individuals that may or may not have selected our client over other brands they were researching in their process. The receipt of a direct mail solicitation served to reenforce our client to the prospect and keep them in top of mind.



DDK Marketing provides end-to-end direct marketing solutions developed to support national or regional multi-location brands, at a local or individual location level. We help identify active and predictive prospects, or underperforming customer segments, and help tell your story and build your business. Our solutions include Data Services, Creative Development, Market Strategy, Production Management, and Mailing/Fulfillment Solutions.

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