The Challenge

One of the largest and most successful family-owned jewelers in the country was looking for help in easier access and clarity of their customer data in an effort to guide strategic marketing decisions and maximize their market spend.

The Solution

DDK assumed the management of all customer data records including their complete transactional history and current sales activity. Before each sales event, we evaluate the details of the planned promotion and then use that to overlay onto the customer profiles. From that analysis, we create a focused
strategic subset of the entire customer base which targets the most likely to respond to that particular upcoming promotion.

Once the promotion is concluded, we merge that transaction data to further enrich the overall customer profile and make adjustments for future marketing campaigns.

The Results

The management and application of precise analytics has not only consistently increased sales, but the post-campaign reporting has increased overall customer and campaign knowledge for future event planning.

Through a more efficient overall process, clearer insight and effective marketing strategy has led to year-over-year increased sales.



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