The Challenge

One of the world’s largest jewelry brands has trusted DDK Marketing to help manage their direct mail campaigns across over 900 store locations throughout the United States. Originally, they were looking for a simple solution to better manage their brand and volume spend among all participating stores. With multiple sales events throughout the year, the selection of direct mail options was left up to each store to decide, creating inefficiencies in production scale, inconsistent outcomes and nearly impossible tracking of progress.

The Solution

The process of organizing the individual stores involved two key parts to work together: 1) dedicated account manages at ddk to work with each store, explain the campaigns, help with selections and answer all questions 2) the development of a web-based portal (drive-thru) designed to meet the specific branding and selection criteria of the national brand as well as each individual store. In addition to a centralized order management system, the aggregation of so many store’s campaigns allowed for the ability to expand the mailer format design options and at the same time drive down the cost per piece for each individual store.

The Results

Within drive-thru, each participating store can not only manage each campaign, but also view the success results through our ROI reporting system. At each new campaign, they are informed of their previous mailing’s success to help empower their decisions for future mailings. Over the years, ddk has become a consistent trusted partner and expanded their offerings into many additional campaigns and events at both the corporate and local levels with consistently proven ROI’s.



DDK Marketing provides end-to-end direct marketing solutions developed to support national or regional multi-location brands, at a local or individual location level. We help identify active and predictive prospects, or underperforming customer segments, and help tell your story and build your business. Our solutions include Data Services, Creative Development, Market Strategy, Production Management, and Mailing/Fulfillment Solutions.

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