The Challenge

A national retailer of home furnishings wanted to capitalize on its website traffic by motivating more visitors to make a purchase decision.

The Solution

We used a multi-step approach, centered around our OnSite offering, to place a cookie-free identifier on their website, convert validated site visitors into a name and household address, then delivered a customer printed direct mail offer based on their product category of browsing. Identified individuals who are located nearest to their physical retail stores are targeted and matched to the closest store. Any customers identified, who receive their regular mailings, are suppressed from the mail list to reduce redundancy and waste.

The Results

The average ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for this campaign is 1,100%. Because the mailings exclusively target prospects, these conversions represent previously unknown customers that may not have otherwise selected this brand over others in their online research.



DDK Marketing provides end-to-end direct marketing solutions developed to support national or regional multi-location brands, at a local or individual location level. We help identify active and predictive prospects, or underperforming customer segments, and help tell your story and build your business. Our solutions include Data Services, Creative Development, Market Strategy, Production Management, and Mailing/Fulfillment Solutions.

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