The Challenge

A national moving company with locations throughout the US was looking for a partner that could consolidate the efforts and many individual locations to create a more organized approach to leveraging direct mail for new client acquisition
campaigns. They were challenged with how to identify prospects that were showing early signs of moving, providing multiple mailer design options for each campaign, and managing brand consistency through a centralized mail production workflow (vs. many local print providers).

The Solution

Through a careful analysis of their customer history and applying two separate pre-mover models, we reduce wasted mail by identifying only the best prospects in each service area. To make this process as simple as possible for each location, we provide a web-based portal (drive-thru) for no cost to each participating franchise location. With drive-thru, each location can opt into the campaigns of their choice, select from any number of redesigned mailer templates, and determine their desired budget. Every aspect of the campaign is taken care of for them and, if they have any questions, they can call a dedicated ddk account manager for immediate help.

The Results

With over two years of regular mailings with ddk, the client is closing approximately 6% of all clients mailed, and for every dollar spent on the campaign, they receive $44 in sales. When comparing the average sale value of direct mailed clients vs. clients that did not receive a direct mail offer, the mailed respondents are averaging a 30% increased overall dollar value. Future assurance is aided by tracking the performance of each mailer design and providing guidance based on individual performance.



DDK Marketing provides end-to-end direct marketing solutions developed to support national or regional multi-location brands, at a local or individual location level. We help identify active and predictive prospects, or underperforming customer segments, and help tell your story and build your business. Our solutions include Data Services, Creative Development, Market Strategy, Production Management, and Mailing/Fulfillment Solutions.

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