Target Active Buyers and Sellers.

With DDK OnSite, the next generation of real estate marketing is here.


Lead gen technology has essentially remained unchanged for years.
You’re competing for the same limited set of leads with multiple agents and competitors.
The Cost per lead continues to rise while effectiveness remains about the same.

DDK OnSite uses data, logic and automation tech
to maximize your exposure.

You can now reach people who are actively online searching, visiting your website, and even touring a home. OnSite identifies those individuals and connects you to them through digital ads, direct mail, and streaming television media.

How It Works

DDK OnSite is designed to work for you, with no effort on your part. You simply set up the campaign with a few clicks and the program runs each week until you are ready to make any changes. Through the OnSite Portal, you can easily control any part of your campaign as needed.

OnSite Overview



How It Works



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Get Started

Congratulations, you’re on your way to realizing new qualified leads in your territory before anyone else does!

We’ve already loaded up your contact information and profile photo into the OnSite portal. You can sign in any time, enter your payment information, select your desired campaign(s) and you’re ready to do.

Of course, we’re here for you anytime, so if you have any questions, feel free to call your personal marketing concierge.


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What is the OnSite program?
The DDK OnSite program is a combination of the latest marketing technology with current and past proven marketing methods to identify active and valid home buyers and sellers. It is specifically designed to identify your anonymous buyers and sellers who show up in one of three places: an open house, your website, or by typing a keyword search. OnSite’s technology identifies the digital signal created by all three activities and translates them into a verified name and address, then mails your preselected and personalized offer. Your message is reenforced through digital ads sent directly to that individual. It is designed to be simple to setup and automatically run on your behalf. On a pre-scheduled basis, OnSite collects the previous timeframe’s visitor counts, and mails out your preselected mailer design to the quantity of your choosing.

Can you provide me with a list of who is being identified and contacted in my area?
We strictly follow all personal privacy laws and acts including the CCPA – California Personal Privacy Act and the Pii Act – Personally Identifiable Information. As such, we cannot provide individual contact information to each agent, broker, etc. or purposes of recontacting or remarketing to those identified prospect). As such, we have developed a privacy safe method to transmit this data for mailing and digital advertising without compromising the privacy of the prospect. Upon request, we can provide a list of first initial and last names of each mailing to allow for tracking and matching of responses.

I already have a lead gen program. Why should I spend more money for OnSite?
OnSite focuses exclusively on individuals who are demonstrating interest through specific activities including: online searches, open houses and website visits. Once identified, OnSite automatically initiates a series of direct mail and digital ad contacts on your behalf. No other lead gen program combines these two capabilities into a packaged offering for At Properties.

How much does OnSite cost?
OnSite is designed to run “hands-off” for you. Once you select your creative ads and package quantity, everything is done for you with no additional effort on your part. This simplified program is offered in package bundles, based on proven best practices of combined direct mail and digital ads. A single packages costs $ 600 which provides 1 personalized 6.00” x 9.00” postcard and 10 digital video ads sent to 200 qualified leads. The initial commitment is a minimum of three packages. Beyond the initial package purchase, there is no obligation or contract, you are free to stop and start at any time.

How soon will a prospect begin to receive my ads?
Digital ads will begin serving to your prospect within 24 hours of identified activity. The direct mail offer will arrive in their home within 5-10 days of the first ad served.

Do you match prospect identified to their name and home address?
OnSite is a proven and patented technology that only confirms a “match” when it can accurately identify the individual with a +97% accuracy rating. Many variables affect the percentage of prospects who are ultimately matched (likelihood of matching, home address within your service area, etc.) You can expect approximately 50-70% of your identified prospects to be verified to receive your mailer.

It is important to note that you are only charged for each identified and verified contact made.

Can I select my territories to market to?
The OnSite portal will be initially pre-loaded with your specific market zip codes. If there are specific areas that you would like to either focus on or exclude, you have the ability to specific certain zip codes accordingly.

For home visitors, what if the identified person is the homeowner or a licensed agent?
OnSite has a filtering system that identifies non-qualified individuals and removes them from the contact process. This means that homeowners, agents, and even minors are never contacted, saving you unnecessary market dollar spending and effort.

How do I get started?
DDK OnSite provides you with a single portal access to everything you need to easily get started and manage your campaigns. Every At Properties agent is pre-registered into our portal and you should have received an email with your personal sign-on credentials to the site.

All ordering, creative selections, reporting, and payments are made through the portal.

You also have access to a live marketing concierge should you have any questions or needs that can’t be met through the portal.

How am I billed for OnSite?
It easy to setup autopayment within your portal account. Payments are securely managed through a third-party credit card payment system (Hartland Payment Systems). You are only charged for the number of packages you purchase at that time. Once initiated the campaign will run until the package quantity is met. DDK Marketing does not see or hold any of your credit card information.

Can I select more than one creative ad to send?
Yes, when you log into the OnSite portal, you will have multiple creative mailer designs to choose from. For each mailer selected, there is a corresponding digital ad matched to that selection. You can elect to have the same design for each mailer or select a new mailer any time you like.

How will I know if OnSite is working?
You should begin to see an increase in the number of prospective clients who contact you directly. Keep in mind, as with any lead generation campaign, results are not immediate and should be given an appropriate timeframe before determining success.

What if I have a question?
When you log into the OnSite portal you will see your account manager’s email and phone number. You can call them any time to get assistance on any question, status update, etc.

Who is DDK Marketing?
DDK Marketing is a Chicago based company that provides end-to-end direct marketing solutions developed to support national or regional multi-location brands, at a local or individual location level. 

We help identify active and predictive prospects, or underperforming customer segments, and help tell your story and build your business. Our solutions include Data Services, Creative Development, Market Strategy, Production Management, and Mailing/Fulfillment Solutions. We combine years of experience with our custom campaign management tools to provide our customers with proven solutions and winning results.


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Published January 2022