smarter marketing


Customer data is the foundation of analytical marketing, but just one of the many aspects of business you need to focus on daily. Our newly expanded data services are now available to help you take a more analytical approach across all your marketing channels!

We can now partner with you to help take full advantage of the customer data you already collect and help guide confident, informed marketing decisions.

what do we offer?


Have a promotion on the horizon? Let us give you a profile of what a potential buyer for this specific promotion looks like. We can use this to target prospects and existing customers that fit that profile.

Did you recently have a promotion? Let us tell you how it performed with our post-campaign insight analysis. Use this information to learn how your next campaign can be even stronger.

Collect phone numbers and emails but not street addresses? Let us enhance the data you already collect by appending street addresses to your existing customer lists. Use these addresses not only for direct mail, but for all your marketing needs!

Need help making the most out of your database? Let us manage your database and we’ll provide you with regular reporting that helps you learn from the data you’re collecting and use that knowledge to make informed marketing decisions.


secure storage


At ddk, we take data seriously. All data submitted to ddk is proprietary information and will never be shared without your consent. We also have non-disclosure agreements available if at any time you’d like a little extra reassurance of your privacy. 

All use ShareFile for secure data transfer and our data is stored in a secure database. Protecting your data is a top priority.