Not long ago, a small-business customer came to us with a challenge. They’re running an e-commerce website for their products, and most of their prospective customers are first-time visitors to the site. They’d seen (and implemented) plugins for their store that would dynamically generate emails to people who abandoned their shopping carts. But the problem was that for most of their users, they didn’t know their email addresses. They had no way of reaching these anonymous cart abandoners.

Being a bunch of marketers, we in the office set out to help. One of the team members piped up about direct mail they’d received from a large online retailer just days after leaving something in her cart. So we did a bit of research. There was, it turned out, a way for our customer to reach these anonymous visitors by direct mail – but only if they were a huge store willing to send out tens or hundreds of thousands of mail pieces every month.

That wasn’t in their budget – and they didn’t get nearly that many visitors to their site each month.

So we thought… What if we could offer a way for small and mid-sized businesses to speak directly to their anonymous website customers easily and within their budget?

ddk OnSite

We went to the drawing board.

  • The program would have to be easy to manage – many companies like our customer don’t have a staff to run a complicated, ongoing marketing campaign.
  • It would have to be timely – sending out mail weeks after a potential customer visited the site wasn’t going to move the needle in terms of conversions.
  • It had to be affordable – small and mid-sized companies who only spend a few hundred dollars a month on marketing should have access to a type of tool like this.
  • It couldn’t be creepy – the last thing companies want to do is scare off their potential customers.

And ddk OnSite was born.

How It Works

Once you sign up, you let us know your program goals, and we set up a pixel that you add to your site using Google Tag Manager. That pixel lets us know who’s on your site, and what they’re doing there. Did they abandon their carts? Did they click on multiple pages within your site, but not add anything to their carts? We set up rules for which of these site visitors would most likely convert if they received mail from you.

Then you let us know your maximum budget, provide us your artwork based on our templates (or we can help you create it), set up a coupon code or a landing page so you can measure conversions, and we take it from there. Each day, we get data from your pixel on the IP addresses of the people who visited your site, and we match those back to our database of homes and individuals. We produce the pieces and put them in the mail – all within a business day of that visitor’s trip to your site. They get your mail piece when your site is still fresh in their memory.

Even if you don’t have an online store, but you do have a website that drives customer traffic, ddk OnSite can still help. Do you have a page that details a service you offer, but you find not many people click through to your “contact us” form? We can work with you to send them a mailer (with an offer of your choosing) to that visitor.

You can drive traffic to your online store or to your physical location, all based on communicating with people who you know are already interested in your product or service.

Getting Started

Are you interested in learning more or setting up a trial campaign to see how it works? Fill out the form below, and one of our campaign specialists will reach out to learn more about your business and, if you’re ready to begin, to make setting up your campaign quick and easy. Are you interested just in getting marketing tips emails from us, but you’re not ready to talk to a specialist yet? That’s fine, too… simply check the “newsletter only” box on the form below. All communication with us is zero obligation, so just reach out to find out if we can help you.

As a bonus, if you sign up and speak with a specialist before April 10, we’ll take 10% off your first month of mailing.

What are you waiting for? Start converting those anonymous site visitors into paying customers just like the big sites do… but do it on your budget.

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