It’s no surprise that the jewelry industry has been hard-hit during the pandemic. However, there are parts of the industry that finished out 2020 much stronger than previously predicted. By adjusting to shopping behavior, many brands have seen an uptick in sales compared to the same period last year (FASHIONISTA, 2020).

According to Kaleigh Moore, “retailers selling non-essentials are seeing record breaking online sales.”

While more people shopping online contributed to much of this growth, we also helped drive growth in 2020 by helping to understand what and when previous customers historically shopped to allow accurate targeting of each individual – when it made the most sense for them.

Our largest international jewelry client finished a strong Q4 in 2020 and they’re not alone.

In fact, we’re seeing growth not just in the wedding portion of jewelry retail sales but other categories as well. The key for them has been smarter use of data to align their best prospects and customers with the most applicable event and offer.

One of our multi-location jewelers needed to maintain a strict budget by only sending offers to the right customers, with the right products, at the right time. Through careful application of both customer purchase history and current life status data, we guided our client specific who to mail, when to reach them, and what event/product they are most likely to respond to.