DDK Marketing makes sure you mail to the right households to avoid wasted mail and strengthen your ROI. Here are some ways we reduce your direct mail carbon footprint:

Data-Driven Direct Mail 
For every direct mail campaign, our data department analyzes your current customers and finds prospects that look similar. We never want you to waste your money or resources on wasted mail.

Variable Printing and Personalization 
Are you wondering how to get your customers attention with a direct mail piece? Personalization is a successful (and green) solution. By personalizing a mail piece to include the customer or prospect’s name, you have a greater chance at catching their attention.

Are you a franchise or own multiple stores? Variable printing is a great option for you and your locations. Each store can have a personalized address or offer printed on their mailer, making each mail piece even more eye-catching.

On-Demand Printing
DDK OnSite is a valuable tool for on-demand printing. OnSite allows you to print mailers by identifying, qualifying, and mailing to your website and store visitors. We make sure your mail only goes to your most likely prospects and isn’t wasted on guessing. It is not only a green solution, but it is completely cookie-free, privacy compliant, patented, proven and worry-free. Find out more about this program here.