DDK Marketing makes sure you mail to the right households to avoid wasted mail and strengthen your ROI. Our experience shows that Event Triggered Mailings lead to success and our partnership with Hailstrike just made mailing easier for roofers. See how we did it with our new program, Roof Market Pro.

Storm-Triggered Marketing
Hailstrike Data allows us to accurately identify the most intense storms in a roofers service areas. DDK Marketing then sorts the homes in the most effected areas by home value. Once our patented matching process identifies homes, digital ads are sent directly to devices within the area. The message is reinforced with a postcard sent to the effected addresses.

Creative Packages 
Our in house creative team produced 10 creative packages, all able to be customized with the Roofer’s information. The packages include digital and direct mail creative, ready to be sent as soon as a storm hits.

Concierge Service
As with all our services, we offer direct communication with the client to walk them through any questions or needs. We believe experienced customer service is the backbone of any partnership and crucial to help you reach your marketing goals.

Contact us to find out how we can support event triggered marketing in your industry.