Ready to change the way you market?

At ddk, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing. While we got our start in direct mail programs, we’ve since expanded our portfolio of marketing solutions.

We’ll work with you to meet your business needs. And every ddk client gets full access our in-house graphic and production teams, support from our data team, a unique login to our online client portal, and a dedicated Account Manager.

storm triggered marketing

HailPost, a product of ddk marketing, was created to help the contracting industry expand their brand awareness and increase sales. We allow you to mail immediately after a storm hits to be first to market, or hold off and mail when  you want to send your service area a reminder that you’re there to help.

HailPost customers enjoy customized, engaging postcard designs and a mailing schedule that makes sense for you.


CRM integration

Cutter Croix provides cloud based solutions that help professionals manage their marketing efforts simply and effectively. We’ve partnered with them to provide an easy way to add a direct mail touch-point with each prospect and customer, all triggered automatically within their existing solutions.

The GiddyUp Roofing CRM program tailors specifically to the roofing industry, and has a built in rules engine to automatically send off a personalized postcard to each prospective client.

No more worrying about designs, formats, printing, stamps, timing, etc. Where else can you find a CRM that does this?

Only with ddk marketing and CutterCroix.

customer experience integration

Our direct mail programs are great for driving traffic to websites, but what will your customer experience be when they get there? idAvatars increases the customer experience on your website with virtual characters that can engage in conversation with personalities that match people’s needs and styles, unlike chatbots. 

We firmly believe that focusing on human behavior, not bleeding edge technology, provides the best results from the application of AI.